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Lip Plumpers

Mar 22, 2018

Although lip plumping is not a new idea, it has appeared to grow in popularity in recent years, mostly due to the creation of lip plumping glosses, giving folks a pathway to luscious and full lips without an invasive procedure. The beauty industry has taken on lip plumping gloss as an innovative challenge. Many companies have experimented with formulation, tested new ingredients, and done whatever else it takes to gain consumer approval.

Some of these glosses actually work by irritating your lips, causing them to swell and become red – these tend to be the most popular. Others work like an enhancer, where they would be applied before your lipstick to give you the look of fullness, or they can simply work as a primer.


1) You will apply the gloss onto your lips.
2) Wait for it…
3) By this point you should begin to feel a tingling, and sometimes burning, sensation — – not to worry.
4) Ultimately, you will begin to notice swelling of the lips, creating an all-around fuller look, and some redness.
5) Some glosses you will leave on, while others can be removed with water, so you can then apply your desired lip color or a regular lip gloss.

Obviously these steps vary dependent on the product and how the company suggests it is used, but with this breakdown, do you still want to try it? We know that the process seems a little scary, but if it’s tingling, then it must be working, right?! That’s why so many women have latched on to the irritant glosses, eventually getting used to the process.

So, what actually causes the tingling/burning sensation? There are many different ingredients that can cause these feelings in the lips, but some common ingredients are:

1) Cinnamon;
2) Ginger Mint;
3) Wintergreen;
4) Capsicum (basically the extreme part of a hot pepper);
5) And other ingredients.

As many good reviews as there are on lip plumping glosses, you will need to do your research before spending the money on your own luscious lips in a bottle. Many companies (like Too Faced, Avon, and Origins) have lip plumping glosses with great reviews; however, one lip gloss is not going to work the same for everyone. You will need to make sure that you are not allergic to any ingredients listed and that you are not extremely sensitive to other skin products (such as reacting to basic products with redness, rashes, flakiness, etc.).

As contract manufacturers for the beauty industry, we have seen lip plumping glosses skyrocket in popularity, making it one of the latest trends for consumers. We don’t see this fad ending anytime soon, since a little tingling/burning seems to be better than the hundreds of dollars you’ll spend on lip injections, not to mention some of the side effects that you might face. What we love is the lip plumping glosses that push the limits; the glosses that try something new and change the way people look at lip plumpers. If you have a one-of- a-kind idea and want to start your own line of lip plumpers, call us today (844) 822-1665. Don’t short yourself or your product by choosing the wrong cosmetic manufacturer.

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