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Coconut Oil and Skin Care – Is It the Oil of All Oils?

Apr 5, 2018

Coconut oil seems to provide more and more benefits with each passing day, as people discover new and improved ways to use it. People use the oil for hair, skin, cooking, and the list goes on. There are a plethora of benefits that come from coconut oil, and it’s hard to pin down every one. Since we are a contract manufacturing company for the beauty industry, we thought we’d give you our own take on the research we found for coconut oil’s benefits, specific to skin care.
The most highly recommended coconut oil is one that is Organic, Unrefined. Be careful not to simply walk down the skin care or cosmetic aisle and grab the first thing that says Coconut Oil on its label. Typically, you will find the best coconut oil in your grocery aisle. If you choose the correct organic, unrefined oil (which can also can be described with terms like [extra] virgin, cold pressed, or raw), you should reap more benefits from it than a product down the cosmetic/skin care aisle, that will most likely contain perfumes and other artificial ingredients.


Coconut oil can help to prevent or heal dry lips. The suggested instruction is to put the coconut oil on, rinse it off, then reapply and leave on.
Try using coconut oil to rid yourself of those pesky rough patches on places like elbows, knees, and feet. Apply as needed.
It can be used as a main ingredient in your own home spa treatment, to help soften and restore dry or irritated skin. There are tons of recipes in a simple Google search!
Many people swear by the idea of replacing your moisturizer with coconut oil. Although this might not be for certain skin types, it’s worth a try!
Many lotions contain more water in them than moisturizing ingredients. With coconut oil, you can be sure you are getting the natural moisturizing component, with no watered-down feel.


Say goodbye to your oily makeup remover and hello to coconut oil. With the same consistency, you can benefit from coconut oil by (a) getting ALL of your make up off smoothly, and (b) saving money, since coconut oil can be found at an amazing price!
Forget the expensive shaving cream. Some people swear by the idea that coconut oil’s consistency will not only help with moisturizing while shaving, but also prevent knicks and cuts!
Do you feel extremely dry after taking a bath/shower? Try adding a small amount of coconut oil to your bath water, or apply after your body wash, for smooth and moisturized skin.

So there you have it, even more uses for coconut oil than you may have known. As skin care manufacturers, coconut oil is an important ingredient in many of our clients’ products. If you’ve ever had an idea for a skin care or hair care product that contains coconut oil or other natural ingredients, call us for your free consultation, and let’s bring your product to life! (844) 822-1665

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