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Men & the Beauty Industry

Apr 10, 2018

No longer is the beauty industry a taboo subject among men. More and more companies are gearing their products to cater to the needs of the male population. With the rise in interest, men all over are embracing grooming products every day. Whether it is a product in hair care or skin care, there is no shortage of male-focused items on the market.
As contract manufacturers, we have most definitely noticed the increased demand among consumers for more products catered towards men. We have compiled a list of the most popular products on the market right now and how amazing they can be when added to any man’s daily regimen.


Companies like American Crew are on the rise with their wide array of hair care products. Not only do the products smell amazing, but they can tame any hair style, giving men the perfect hold [or lack of hold], dependent on the desired look.
Hair sprays are the perfect way to set your hair style in place. If the barber shop has them, then so can your bathroom countertop. Men’s hair sprays include those that can help with a dry look, wet look, or something with an extreme hold to get through tough workouts.


There are many types of face cleansers geared towards men, including popular scents, texture, and more. If a basic skin care routine is desired, face wash is a NECESSITY.
Men should exfoliate once to twice per week, especially because of the dryness that facial hair can often cause. It’s important to remove the layer of dead skin that can build up over time.
With facial hair, it’s crucial that men are moisturizing on a daily basis. Companies like Clinique have designed moisturizers specific to men and the skin issues they might often face.


Beard balm is a product created to help nourish beard hair and avoid common irritations that occur during the early stages of beard growth. Beard balm helps with moisturizing and continues to work long after it’s applied.
Beard oil is typically made with essential oils, so the scents can vary, allowing you to choose the perfect one. Facial hair is much more coarse than the hair on your head, so it needs to be taken care of accordingly. By using beard oil each night, it can help to avoid dryness and flakiness that you might notice on your skin when growing out your beard.
Yes, it’s a thing. Because of the difference in texture from the hair on your head, your beard hair needs shampoo that is gentle to the skin on your face while also helping the hairs of your beard grow healthy and strong.
We encourage all people to incorporate a good skin care routine into their lives, and any other grooming methods are icing on the cake for you and your overall health and appearance. Be sure to contact us if you’ve ever had an idea for a men’s skin care or hair care line (844) 822-1665. We will make sure your product is one you are proud to sell to your customers.
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