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Heat and Your Hair

Apr 12, 2018

Many people have experienced heat damage. It’s something that is almost unavoidable if you love the sleek look or curly, wavy look. It’s often easy to raise the temperature on your straightener or curling iron, knowing that the higher temps will not only give you your look faster but typically hold it longer. What we don’t realize is how much damage we are doing to our hair, before it’s too late. Even blowdrying your hair is extremely damaging, but who has time to always let their hair air dry?
The heat from these tools weakens and/or breaks keratin, which is what helps to alter the shape of your hair: curling, straightening, etc. What’s constantly the debate is at what point heat causes permanent damage. Since you might not go to great lengths to research this, we compiled ways to be more cautious about heat styling:

1- Don’t crank it up: Keep the heat on the lower end of things. If you can, you should try to stay under 200 degrees with your straightener and/or curling iron. If necessary, go above 200, but be strict in avoiding 300 degrees or higher. Many heat styling tools go up to 400 degrees or higher, and there is no proven reason that those high temperatures should ever be used.

2- Try air drying: We know that air drying can take much longer for some people’s hair than others, so try air drying your hair while you take care of other things, such as doing your makeup or running quick household errands. By the time you get to the blow dryer, the extreme wetness will be gone, allowing you to blowdry for less time.

3- Limit the heat: If you can avoid it, limit heat completely. This can be on the days when you are able to wear your hair up, eliminating the need for straightening or curling. Or, you can use the weekends to let your hair breathe. Cutting out heat for even a couple days a week can make a huge difference.

4- Get creative: There are tons of tutorials on heatless hair styles. These include hair styles like heatless curls or heatless beach waves. You can even try out a new updo! Heatless hair styles allow you to eliminate heat completely while still rocking a nice hair style.

5- Heat protectant: There are a multitude of heat styling products that can be used to limit the damage it causes to your hair. These are typically used when your hair is damp and right before you blowdry. Although they are not guaranteed, many swear by the products’ effectiveness.

Your hair’s integrity is important and can potentially compromise your entire experience with your hair. If you want to continue to enjoy hair styling, it’s crucial that you stay cautious when it comes to heat styling tools and what you use on your hair prior to and after styling.
In the contract manufacturing business, it’s important that we know the issues consumers are facing. Our clients are always geared up and ready to create the next product line that will improve hair health and/or skin health, and we are ready to be innovative with them in the pursuit. Call us if you have an idea that will change people’s lives (844) 822-1665!
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