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The Reasons You Need a Moisturizer

Apr 19, 2018

To some, moisturizer is a must-have product. The feeling of dryness and flakiness is not something that many people are willing to put up with. To them, it’s simple: moisturize every day. But, we must not forget about the many others that don’t feel moisturizing is necessary. Some don’t experience extreme dryness or maybe they think their skin is too oily to need a moisturizer— WRONG. Everyone needs a good moisturizer, and we are ready to expose the reasons why. We hear a lot of excuses as to why men and women don’t use moisturizers, and we are here to address those excuses.

“With my skin type, I don’t need a moisturizer.”
Whatever skin type you have, you need a moisturizer. There are some cases where you may need to reach out to your dermatologist for the best recommendations, but most moisturizer lines contain different products that are unique to different skin types. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, regular skin, etc., a moisturizer will benefit your overall skin health.
“I wash my face and it feels fine, so I don’t think moisturizing is necessary.”
Your skin might feel fine after washing, but what about after a couple of hours of being exposed to different environmental factors? Or, how about when your skin starts to dry out and develop that flaky layer across your face or body? Like cleansing, moisturizer is just as important. It’s going to not only moisturize your skin, but it helps to add a layer of protection to get your skin through the day.
“It will cause my foundation to smear.”
When you moisturize, you are prepping your skin for makeup. If you notice a lot of smearing, try a different moisturizer. Regardless, you need to find a moisturizer; without one, you are risking your makeup sticking to dry areas, causing discoloration with your finished makeup look. There are hundreds of options, so if your moisturizer is too thick, search for light moisturizers, or you may just need to apply your moisturizer an hour or two before your makeup — most likely, it’s a simple fix.
“Moisturizer makes me break out.”
Like any other product, if you notice breakouts, switch it up! With the ample amount of options for moisturizers, it’s highly unlikely you won’t be able to find something that works extremely well with your skin. If you notice breakouts and you are sick of moisturizer hunting, don’t give up! Call your dermatologist for recommendations or simply do a little research specific to your skin type. Trust us, vetoing moisturizer because you didn’t want to search for the right one is NOT worth it!
“I don’t have time to add another product to my skin care routine.”
This one is a classic excuse, and it often comes from men or women who are always on the run, but don’t worry, moisturizing is probably going to be the quickest part of your entire routine. We are confident that you can spare an extra 30 seconds to add moisturizer into your daily regimen.
Stop making excuses when it comes to what is best for your skin. Moisturize as much as YOU need. We know your skin is unique, and no product is a one-size-fits-all. Knowing this, skin care manufacturers are constantly striving to make products that are high quality and effective, using the expert knowledge of cosmetic chemists.
At Dynamic Blending, we are passionate about skin care, and we know that consumers deserve the best for their skin and overall health. Call us today if you have an idea for a skin care line (844) 822-1665. Let’s make your idea a reality!
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