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2018 Beauty Trends

Apr 24, 2018

The beauty industry is constantly moving forward with new, innovative ideas that cater to the current consumer demands. Consumers are more demanding than ever before because they know what they want and what they need. They are striving to find products that cater to their individuality and specific wants and desires. It’s no surprise that everyone is jumping on the train of listening ears to discover what consumers want and why they want it. The beauty trends of 2018 are going to blow you away.
Today’s consumers don’t worry solely about looking good but feeling good too. Many consumers are shifting towards organic and natural products to increase their overall health while maintaining their desired outward appearance. The idea of a two-for-one is ever growing; using products to make you look AND feel better.
Consumers are also looking for innovation that will lead them to personal care and products that are more specific to skin care and hair care types than ever before. They know what they want and they know what their skin and hair needs. Individualized products are becoming popular by the day, and for a good reason. A simple Google search with your exact skin type can pull up the perfect products, right away.
Today’s consumers are more informed than any generation before them. The world of knowledge is at their fingertips through their phones, laptops, and other devices. Consumers are researching multiple areas of interest every single day, learning more and more about what the subject they are interested in. They know what ingredients are in products and exactly what they do.
It seemed that simple products used to do the trick, but not anymore. Not only are hair care products and skin care products growing and surfacing every day, but people are becoming more and more interested in broadening their regimens to include everything they could possibly need. Simple and effective regimens are highly desired, and with the quality products that cover multiple targeted areas, a simple regimen is becoming easier to accomplish.
In addition to feeling good, consumers want more organic products that are more environmentally sound and cruelty-free. This also pushes over to the packaging side of products. Any part of the product that is environmentally friendly is okay’d by a majority of today’s consumers.
Not only is technology never going to stop growing in popularity, it will continue to influence the beauty industry. Technological advances will help people to receive more personalized help when it comes to choosing beauty products and even analyzing their skin type in their own homes. Apps on your cell phone are already helping women to test out new lip colors and hair styles, and soon those will be more amped up to really influence consumers in what they purchase on their next shopping trip.
These are just several things we can prepare for in 2018, and the excitement of what else to come is beyond explanation. Consumers are what drives the beauty industry forward, so keeping an open mind and listening are crucial to being successful with your company. As contract manufacturers for skin care, hair care, and cosmetics, we thrive on innovative ideas. If you have an idea that has never been done or you want to improve something that’s already been created, call us. We are experts in the beauty industry, and you can be sure that we are always up to date with the latest trends and demands. (844) 822-1665
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