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Skin Care Mistakes You Are Probably Making

May 1, 2018

I’m sure there are several skin care mistakes that you can think of right off the top of your head; are you guilty of any of them? It’s easy to make these mistakes, but as skin care manufacturers, we are here to tell you that by just changing your habits and avoiding these mistakes, you could be on your way to better, healthier skin. Some researchers say that it only takes 21 days to form a habit; can you do it?

Mistake 1 – Going to Bed Without Washing Your Face
The very idea of someone doing this can baffle others, but some might not know what the big deal is or think they are just too busy to have to worry about it, even though you might picture all of the oiliness and grimy feelings you will have when you wake up the next morning. By falling asleep with your makeup on, you are not giving your skin a chance to restore itself; instead, you are practically suffocating it with the makeup, as it sets ALL night, building up even more grime and oils. Washing your face can take as little as five minutes, so what’s your excuse?
Mistake 2 – Buying the One-Size-Fits-All product
Although that product that promises to fix every skin issue you have seems amazing, it’s unlikely that it will contain enough of each beneficial/active ingredients to solve any one problem, let alone multiple problems. Widen your skin care collection a little bit, and purchase separate products for separate issues. This allows you to receive the maximum amount of the beneficial ingredient, for whatever your skin issue is.
Mistake 3 – Picking at Your Face
This one is much easier said than done because who wants to walk around with that big, ready-to-pop zit on their face? This is one of those areas that can really benefit you, and there are ways to avoid the temptation of popping. Spot treatments are available at most drug stores, and you can apply it the moment you see a pimple forming. Although some may not work overnight, by you avoiding picking at your face, you have lessened the chances of acne scarring and/or soreness and redness on your face; you are also avoiding the possible spreading of germs by using your hands to mess with the blemishes.
Mistake 4 – Too Much Exfoliating
We all know how amazing our skin feels after exfoliating, but if you are exfoliating on a daily basis or even more than one to three times per week, you are actually doing your skin harm. By sloughing off dead skin, exfoliating helps to make the face more smooth and fresh, but when you are exfoliating over and over, you are just plain scrubbing your face, and that can lead to skin inflammation. Use a cleanser that works for your face type and you won’t have to exfoliate more than a couple of times per week.
Mistake 5 – Not Drinking Enough Water
Here we go again, the dreaded sentence that describes exactly what half of us don’t want to be doing. As if the day isn’t busy enough, to consume the recommended amount of water just adds more to our list of tasks; HOWEVER, do not ignore this mistake. By not drinking enough water, you aren’t just dehydrating your body, in general, but your skin will surely show that it’s also losing moisture. You will notice dullness and possible breakouts, and no one wants that.
As contract manufacturers for the beauty industry, we know how crucial skin care is to a person’s overall health and their outlook on their skin. By just ridding your daily regimen of a few mistakes, you can have brighter and healthier skin. If you’ve had an idea for a skin care line and want to start right away, call us at (844) 822-1665 for your free consultation.
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