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Essential Oils Continuously Rising Popularity

May 8, 2018

We all know that person that thrives on everything essential oils, and you can be sure that this same person is not the only one like this. The popularity of essential oils is constantly growing, and the beauty industry doesn’t foresee this stopping anytime soon.

Before we continue: Essential oils are NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and anything involved in this article is simply a suggestion, observation, and/or fun and interesting ways that some people use essentials oils.

Essential oils are used for many things, dependent on the person and their needs and/or wants. Some essential oils are used to help ease a person’s stress, help them to fall asleep, help them with anxiety, etc. Others use essential oils for their natural aromas; these can be used as a perfume, air freshener, in a diffuser, etc. Some folks even use essential oils in their skin care and hair care routines, for things like moisturizers, makeup oils, treatments, and so on. So the statistics on the demand for essential oils shouldn’t surprise anyone; they truly are a multi-purpose product.
According to Statista, the market demand of essential oils, worldwide, rose from around 198 tons in 2017 to around 211 tons in 2018, and the rise is predicted to continue, estimated at a demand of about 245 tons by 2020. Still questioning if there is a demand in the market for essential oils? There are dozens of essential oil companies, and, not surprisingly, most of them have a decent-sized consumer base. Companies like Young Living and doTERRA are ones that almost everyone has heard of at some point. So, what do we think about those looking to start their own line of essential oils? Do it.
With this increase in market demand, the already established essential oil companies are no feat for the desire of others to start their own lines of essential oils. There are companies who target their essential oils towards those looking for natural cleaning products, those looking for makeup specific oils, those looking to fill their cupboards with oils to help deal with a stressful day. It’s all about the quality of your oils and the consumer base that you are targeting.
At Dynamic Blending, we offer private label essential oils and a competitive price. If that’s not something that interests you, we specialize in custom formulations – bring your own essential oil idea to life. Our cosmetic chemists have years of combined experience working with essential oil blends, and we offer only the best quality ingredients to our clients. We care about you and your company, and we care about your consumers.
Don’t settle on a contract manufacturer who is unwilling to provide multiple formulations, if that’s what it takes to make you 100% satisfied with your product. Don’t settle on anything but the best. We offer free consultations to allow you the opportunity to ask questions and receive honest, transparent answers. Our low MOQ’s help big and small businesses start their essential oil lines, and our quick turnaround allows you to meet your goal’s deadline. Don’t wait.
Call us today at (844) 822-1665, and let’s make your idea a reality.
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