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Products to Help Relieve Dry Skin

May 15, 2018

Dry skin is used to describe skin that does not produce enough oils. It’s easy to think that oily, large-pored skin feels dry and is therefore classified as dry skin, but those things are most likely effects of dehydrated skin, which is something different. We are going to hone in on DRY SKIN. For those folks with matte feeling texture, dryness, flakiness, and sensitivity, this article is for you.

Dry skin is not fun for anyone. It can dry, crack, flake, peel, and itch like crazy. First and foremost, do not irritate it further— there are multiple products that are hiding ingredients that are actually drying out your skin even more; you touching and picking at your face is irritating your skin even more; and most likely your skin is sensitive at the dryness stage, so you trying to solely exfoliate that dry skin off is doing you no good. It’s important that we focus on the types of products you are using.


Use an ointment cream rather than a lotion:
ointments contain much less, if any, perfumes and other unnecessary additives, including an overly large amount of water as a base. Creams and ointments are often thicker in consistency and penetrate deeper than most lotions.
Try a cleansing oil:
Cleansing oils can help to remove makeup while adding moisture to the face. There are many affordable cleansing oils, and some can even help to remove dead skin as it works its magic.
Moisturizing masks are necessary:
Face masks are already miracle workers, and for dry skin they are no different. There are a multitude of face masks, but when you find a mask that is solely targeting dry skin, you can use it up to three times a week to truly reap its benefits.
Only use gentle skin care products:
When your skin is experiencing extreme dryness, it will also increase in sensitivity. Only choose products that are targeted towards dry and sensitive skin. These products will typically contain more natural ingredients and should be void of any ingredients that will cause further dryness.
Use enzyme products:
This includes using enzyme peels, but before you freak out, this does not mean chemical peel. This type of product contains enzymes that will gently clean your skin to slough off some dead skin, helping you to get your face completely clean of dirt and grime.
Always do your research on anything dealing with skin care. Some products, just like anything else in life, can claim to do one thing but in fact continue doing the opposite and make your issue even worse; for example, if a product claims that it is for sensitive skin but there are high amounts of ingredients like charcoal or salicylic acid, then you might want to reconsider. Do your research, know your skin, and know what ingredients it does and does not need.
As contract manufacturers, we know the value of good skin care and we manufacturer only quality products using quality ingredients. We hold our clients and their products to the highest of value, working hard so that they can focus on other pressing areas of their business. Call us for your free consultation, and let’s get your skin care or cosmetics line started today (844) 822-1665.
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