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6 Tips to Skin Survival This Summer

Jun 5, 2018

The weather is getting warmer, which means your skin may be freaking out a bit. It’s not always easy figuring out a skin care regimen, so when yours has been working for the entire winter season, it can be frustrating to suddenly see it be not so effective. With warm weather comes different reactions on the part of your skin. We’ve compiled a list of 6 tips to surviving the summer weather. As experts in skin care manufacturing, we know you’ll want to read on.


And we don’t just mean your skin. So, no skipping past the water drinking and heading straight for the moisturizer (although moisturizing is crucial too!). There is no shortcut for this one. Hydrate all throughout the day. Proper water intake will ensure that you feel better and that your skin stays hydrated.


This is something that may have been drilled into you since you were a child, and it’s no less important now that you are older – keep sunscreen on. We know you are probably worried about not getting that sun kissed tan, but guess what? Even through sunscreen, you will receive a good, HEALTHY glow. Apply, apply, and reapply!


We know that this particular tip is not easy for most, but staying protected from the sun can be as simple as wearing a swimsuit cover when you aren’t wanting to overexpose yourself or wearing a sun hat to protect your face. Don’t regret not covering up when you are coating yourself in Aloe Vera, trying to relieve a burn later on. Less sun damage means more fun in the sun the next day!


Did you forget the sunscreen and are now paying for it? It’s hard to fall asleep when you keep getting the chills or can’t get comfortable because of a sunburn. If you didn’t properly protect your skin throughout the day, don’t worry, there are tons of different essential oils that are known to help bring relief from a sunburn. Lotions and body butters are also extremely important to help relieve sunburns and prevent peeling.


With sun damage comes skin damage. There are many anti-aging moisturizers that can give your skin just what it needs to calm it down from sun damage and those pesky things that come with it: wrinkled skin, dark spots, coarse skin, etc. Anti-aging products have been known to undo some of the damage and prevent your skin from any further damage.


Like any other season, exfoliation is crucial to great skin care. Sloughing off the dead skin that has built up can help you to moisturize better, apply and keep your makeup on better, and give your skin a nice glow. Don’t worry about exfoliating more than a couple of times a week, and don’t forget: exfoliation is for your body, face, AND lips!

There are many more things you can do to keep your skin healthy this summer, so DO YOUR RESEARCH. As skin care manufacturers, we see thousands of products surface in the beauty industry every day, and we know that doing your research and remembering to use these tips can help you have an enjoyable summer with your skin.

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