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5 Things You Should Know About Facial Skin Care

Jun 19, 2018

Everywhere you turn, there are skin care products: washes, scrubs, masks, moisturizers, etc. It can be quite overwhelming when trying to determine which products are right for your face, specifically. You also might be stressed out over what to use, what not use, how often to use it, where to use it, and on and on. The questions could be endless. We are here to give just a few facial skin care tops that might clear a few things up for you.

Although there are many products that are 2-in-1, it’s highly unlikely that your body wash is going to work as a facial wash. There are ingredients geared towards different issues that you will find with your body versus what issues might be present on your face. Many body washes are too harsh to be used on your face and can therefore cause even more issues like irritation, dryness, redness, etc. Be sure to search for a face wash specific to your needs, and keep it separate from your body wash.

When you buy that brand new product it’s exciting, right? You want to reap the benefits as soon as possible, and you may be tempted to overdo it. Read the directions carefully. Most products are on top of keeping their directions up to date and on point. When you find a trustworthy product, trust the label! If it says to keep exfoliation to a minimum of twice per week, there is a good reason for it.


After your shower, ensure that the towel you use to dry your hair is NOT used to also pat your face dry after washing it. Products can be transferred by doing this, causing your face to become irritated by whatever products you used in your hair. The same goes for your moisturizer. Don’t slap your body butter on your face. Heavy products that are geared towards body care can ultimately clog the pores on your face, and no one wants to deal with that!


We tend to really push this on our readers, but that’s because it’s crucial to good skin care, with both body and face. Like your body, your face can become increasingly dehydrated. You will notice this when your skin begins to appear dull, with no glow in sight. Drinking water will not only help you to feel better, but it will begin to show through your skin. Your skin will thank you for taking care of it from the inside out.


Like anything else involved in skin care, you need to do your research. Before you purchase that product that claims to offer multiple benefits to your skin, check the ingredients. Is it mostly water-based? Are there reviews by people with your same skin type that had issues with the product? By researching products before you put them to your face, you are doing your skin a favor, and probably your wallet.

As skin care manufacturers, we are passionate about skin care knowledge. We want all of our clients and their consumers to be informed, in order to make the best decisions possible. If you’ve ever thought about starting your own line of skin care products, call us today for your free consultation (844) 822-1665.

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