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6 Things You Can Do For Your Lips

Jun 21, 2018

Everyone focuses on skin care, and it’s becoming a more and more popular topic with each passing year. There are moisturizers, scrubs, masks, exfoliation products – the list is seemingly endless. Many skin care regimens focus on the face or body, but are you including your lips in your skin care routine? The lips have an entire slew of products specific to its needs; so what are you doing to care for and treat your lips?


Exfoliation doesn’t just feel amazing for your face and body but for your lips too! Your lips can become increasingly dry during all times of the year, and dead skin will begin to build on them quickly. There are plenty of exfoliation products (also called lip scrubs) out there for your lips. Top brands like Nivea and Mac have a great variety of scrubs to choose from!

Men and women alike need a good moisturizer for their lips. If you notice cracking, peeling, or bleeding, you may just need to pick up some lip balm from your local drug store. If there was ever a huge variety, it’s in chapsticks and balms. You can try Burt’s Bees if you are a fan of natural lip care products, or try Vaseline for some thicker, moisturizing lip therapy!

When you lick your lips, it might seem like a good solution to get rid of the dry feeling, but it’s only temporary. You are only causing more dryness to them once the wetness evaporates; plus, it’s not the greatest habit. When you feel tempted to lick your lips, think again and apply some lip balm or chapstick.


As always, you need to drink water. By keeping up with your water intake, your entire body will feel hydrated, including your lips! You will notice a decrease in irritation or dryness, and all it takes is a good amount of water intake every single day.

Your lips, just like the skin on your face, needs to be able to breathe. If you rocked that lip color all day long, make sure you remove it before going to bed (or at your earliest convenience). Many lipsticks, or other lip products, can sit heavy on your lips, therefore not allowing them to properly breathe. Keeping makeup on your lips for too long can cause cracking and dryness.

Treat your lips to a little dressing up every once in a while. Although your lips need to breathe, it’s okay to put on your favorite liquid lipstick for a night on the town. You can even search for liquid lipsticks that have moisturizing properties, in order to decrease the chance of cracking or dryness.

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