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5 Things You Need to Stop With Your Skin, Today

Jun 26, 2018

Skin care can be intimidating to many people, mostly because many assume that it’s extremely time-consuming and expensive. This could not be further from the truth! With just a little time and no more money than you spend on junk food, you can be on your way to a good, solid skin care regimen.

In addition to a decent skin care regimen, there are some bad habits you should have quit yesterday:

So you just established your very first [let’s say official] skin care routine. Now you are looking at 10+ products sitting on your bathroom counter and wondering where to start. A good skin care routine doesn’t need more than three or four products, then you have one or two that you only work in a couple of times per week, if that. If you overwhelm yourself with products (time-consuming ones), you are more likely to quit your regimen and set yourself back. Keep it simple.
Whoever says beauty is pain was sorely mistaken (no pun intended). This is typically thrown around when the discussion of exfoliators or masks comes to the table. If your face mask feels like it’s ripping your skin clean off, stop using it. If your exfoliators leaves your skin bright red and tender to the touch, stop using it. There are many exfoliators and masks to choose from that will give you plenty of benefits without making you feel like you just went through battle.
Whether you are a party animal or just a night owl, your sleep is extremely important to the health of your skin. With too little of sleep, or uncomfortable sleep, you may notice your skin becoming more dull; “When melatonin levels drop and your circadian rhythm gets thrown off, your skin cells can’t turn over as efficiently, causing even more wrinkles and dullness over time” (Allure). So turn off the TV, put the cellphone away, and get some sleep!
We know that after a long day, the last thing you probably want to do is take your makeup off; however, keeping your makeup on overnight is allowing the products to seep further into your pores, leading to clogging and breakouts. Muster up that two minutes of energy, take off the makeup and wash your face, and let your skin enjoy being able to breathe!
Your pillow is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Every time you skip that load of laundry where you strip your bedding and wash it, you are allowing it to continue to build. Think about that bacteria, and then think about your face laying directly on it, all night long. Just like touching your face with your hands, touching your face to a dirty pillowcase can be just as risky. Also, be sure to wash scarves and other clothing items that may come into contact with your face!

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