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Utah County Cosmetics Company Looks To Help Emerging Business Inventors

Feb 13, 2020

“We can do it better, and we can do it cheaper. We can make those barriers to entry less for people who want to start their own product line.”

– Jordan Erskine

A Utah-based cosmetics manufacturing juggernaut founded in 2015 is using its resources to help aspiring business owners create successful brands.

Gavin Collier and Jordan Erskine founded Dynamic Blending, a multi-million dollar manufacturing company based in Vineyard, and are using their company to help business inventors develop their ideas through turnkey services, walking the potential entrepreneur through the process “from ideation to formula to tested,” according to an emailed statement from the company.

The company touts its ability to give customers the opportunity to work with a USDA certified manufacturer for low minimum order quantities starting at 1,000 units. Most companies begin their minimum number of beginning units at over 40,000, but Dynamic Blending went wanted to better cater to startups, marketing specialist Victoria Vergara said.

Other companies in similar positions are unlikely to offer customers the opportunity to work in smaller quantities due to the high-risk nature of the practice. The company also allows clients to maintain ownership of their formulas moving forward.

After working with other contract manufacturers around northern Utah for several years, Erskine teamed up with Collier to start Dynamic Blending as an R&D formulation consultancy group.

The company evolved into a certified manufacturer after a few years operating as a consultancy group, and now caters to budding businesses and Fortune 500 companies worldwide

“It dawned on me that, ‘Why don’t we do all of it?’” Erskine said. “‘We can do it better, and we can do it cheaper. We can make those barriers to entry less for people who want to start their own product line.’”

In 2019, Dynamic Blending saw a 600% increase in revenue, amassing over $20 million in the most recent fiscal year with over 400 clients worldwide. Looking ahead, the Dynamic Blending team has already procured another building to house its rapidly growing supplies and equipment and has plans to become a 24-hour facility in the near future.

As the infrastructure continues to grow, Erskine wants to place more effort on marketing the company.

“Unless our customers, or potential customers, are finding us first, they’re not hearing about us,” he said. “The more we get our name out there through advertising, the more we’ll see local people come to our door.”

Erskine said he made the strategic decision to keep the company in the Beehive state because of the entrepreneurial mecca that Utah County has become, especially for manufacturers.

Despite the high number of manufacturing locations and business consultants in the area, Dynamic Blending is situated as one of two companies of its kind in the state, with no direct competitors in the county.

Having already won several awards, and with more on the way this year, Dynamic Blending has become one of the leading cosmetic manufacturers in the nation, rivaling similar corporations in California.

Erskine said he believes the recognition comes largely from the company’s focus on startups and small business owners.

“We’re in a stale industry,” he said. “It’s just ripe for innovation.”

With its continued growth, the company says it is branching out to create positive change in the Utah County economy. Dynamic Blending is not limited to providing a starting place for potential business owners, and the company is giving back to the community.

The manufacturer is partnering with local universities to offer students seeking applicable degrees internships, and company administrators are participating in panels to help answer frequently asked questions. From cosmetic chemistry to marketing, Dynamic Blending is hoping to welcome students in as many fields as possible to obtain professional experience before graduation.

Dynamic Blending will also be looking to Utah County residents to help fill positions as the company grows into larger buildings as well as opening new shifts at existing locations, Vergara said.


The Daily Herald

By Ryann Richardson:

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine


February 12, 2020

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