With so many options out there, how do you know where to start when buying a shampoo?


First things first, you need to consider your hair and scalp type. It’s important to know this so you can find a product that is appropriate for you. For example if you have an oily scalp you’ll need a shampoo that can deep-clean the scalp removing the excess oil without stripping your hair’s natural moisture.

Scalp Types

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It’s important to review the ingredients of a product you have an interest in. It’s become a trend to avoid sulfates ever since “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness let us know his true feelings on sulfates. However, sulfates aren’t all bad. Though they can strip the hair a bit, they also help the product suds up. Many people complain about the fact that shampoos that don’t contain sulfate don’t make them feel like they get a good clean and their hair often still feels dirty after. With that being said, people with colored-treated, frizzy, or curly hair should look at sulfate-free shampoo, they will just have to work a little harder to get the scalp and hair clean. Knowing the purpose an ingredient serves and how it can help or destroy your hair will benefit you.

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Speaking of ingredients, it’s a good rule of thumb to avoid alcohol based products. Alcohol in hair care products can dry out your hair, but many conventional hair products use traditional alcohol to help emulsify the product. Some alcohol based ingredients to avoid include: SD Alcohol 40, Ethanol, Propyl, or Isopropyl. On the other hand, cetearyl alcohol is an ingredient that is okay to be added to a product. It’s a vegetable derived ingredient and doesn’t behave like traditional drying alcohols. Cetearyl alcohol is a “fatty alcohol” that helps natural shampoo move through hair with ease and doesn’t strip and dry your strands.

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Dry shampoo is always a great tool as well, especially for fine and oily hair. It helps reduce the amount of times you wash your hair in a week. Washing your hair too much can lead to dryness and damage. Dry shampoo can get rid of oil on your scalp, the smell (if there is one), and can help with volume and texture for styling. However using it too often can cause your scalp to create more sebum, an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands.

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Another good tip is to switch things up. Your hair is constantly changing so it’s wise to make adjustments accordingly. You don’t want your hair to get too used to one product, so changing up the products in your routine can help bring your hair back to life after using one product for so long. Along the same lines; don’t feel the need to use all the same brands or pairings of products, just because there is a shampoo/conditioner set doesn’t mean you have to use them together. Find out how your hair behaves and what ingredients best benefit you and you will be able to find the perfect product for your beauty routine.

If you follow these tips you should be able to find a shampoo that will help you achieve all your hair goals. Or, these tips can help provide you with information of what to add to your very own hair care line. As a leading Contract Manufacturer we want to provide you with the tools and resources to create a successful product. Contact us to see how we can help you today.