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4 Skin Care Products Dads Will Love

Jun 9, 2020


Kirei Makeup

Written By

Jordan Erskine
President of Dynamic Blending


June 09, 2020

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it can be hard to find the perfect gift to celebrate the man in your life. Dads are often associated with traditional gifts like neckties and tools, but many men could use a little bit of self care in their routines.

There are plenty of skin care products out there that both luxury-loving and no-nonsense men love. Whether you’re shopping for an old-fashioned cowboy kind of guy or an ultra modern man with a perfectly manicured beard to worry about, we’ve got you covered.

Before purchasing an entire skincare line for your guy, it’s important to consider what he actually needs. Many gift packs come with extras that might not be worth the money. Beard oil, for example, is probably not a good fit for a man who keeps clean shaven. When women shop for skin care, it’s usually to address a problem they have, and men are no different. Consider what could use some polishing and go from there.


Facial Cleanser

Ditch the bar soap. All over body cleansers are generally harsher than soaps formulated for your face, so using a plain bar will dry out skin and can even cause breakouts.

Not all face soaps are created equal. Finding the perfect combination of ingredients can be a bit of a trial-and-error process. One tip? Start with a line that was made for men, instead of products initially tailored to women or teenagers. The same products that worked just fine in high school are probably not doing Dad’s skin any favors.

Men tend to have thicker and oilier skin than women, so the chemical compounds in their skin care products are different than products made for women. Activated charcoal is a popular ingredient in men’s products because it attaches to dirt before rinsing away, without leaving residue behind, although of course it’s not the only effective cleanser. Whatever skin type you are shopping for, look for products with aloe or another moisturizing agent. It seems counter-intuitive, but skin that isn’t hydrated will actually produce more oil, so replenishing that supply is just as important as cleaning the dirt away.



Shaving is part of a daily routine for many men. Those who maintain facial hair need products to help keep it clean, healthy, and well-groomed. Aftershave is a time-honored Father’s Day gift, but with so many great shaving products on the market these days, it might be time to branch out.

A good pre-shave oil protects skin from razor burn, helps get a closer shave, and also moisturizes the skin underneath facial hair, which is often neglected. The great thing about pre-shave oil is that it works for men who shave with both electric and manual razors, so odds are the man in your life will love it. ForgeForward USA makes a great shave oil, and is run entirely by veterans, so not only will Dad get a gift he loves, it’s something he can feel good about.

Guys might be surprised by the variety of shaving creams available these days. There are organic, unscented, latherless, all-natural, gel, and foam, just to name a few. There are also products formulated specifically for sensitive skin. There are even brands made just for shaving the head. It’s easier than ever to find a new shaving cream for Dad to try that fits his personality and needs.

If there are just too many options, you can just grab a bundle of shaving products. Many beauty brands have subscription boxes for men as well as women, and sample packs are common for things like shaving cream or a variety of scented products in the shaving balm/moisturizer family.



Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen is a year-round essential. Especially for men who work or exercise outside often, protecting skin through every season is important. Of course, you can use a generic sunscreen, but men often need a more heavy-duty product to keep their skin safe.

Is Dad active and playing sports/doing heavy labor outside? He may need a waterproof or sport variety of sunscreen. Is Dad working all day in the sun? Look for brands that are long-lasting and have a high SPF. If Dad is prone to oily skin, look for non-comedogenic products that won’t further clog his pores.

Whatever brand you choose, find something that he’ll be excited about, whether that’s a great scent or a product that supports a cause he is passionate about. Men are typically less likely to regularly apply sunscreen than women. Choosing sunscreen that Dad will actually use will protect him from harmful UV rays and vastly reduce his odds of contracting skin cancer. Is there a better way to say “I love you, Dad” than by keeping him safe from that?



Talking about BO doesn’t necessarily scream, “You’re the best Dad ever,” on Father’s Day, but trust me, the practical man in your life will appreciate it. It’s something he needs anyway, and finding a high-quality deodorant just might change his life forever.

One surprising fact is that your body can actually become immune to your deodorant after a while. Because of this, it is sometimes recommended that you switch it up a couple of times a year. So even if the dad you are shopping for already has a brand he loves, trying something new might be the refresh he needs.

Men with sensitive skin will love an aluminum and alcohol-free variety that won’t irritate their armpits. A more casual guy will likely be thrilled with a long-lasting formula—many work for up to 48 hours. And the caffeine-obsessed will be happy to know that a jolt in their deodorant stimulates their circulation and leaves their underarms feeling (and looking) refreshed.

Whoever you’re shopping for this Father’s Day, looking for a great skin care product can appeal to both practical and more luxury-aware guys. It’s hard to go wrong with something he can use every single day and will leave him feeling great. The right facial cleanser, shaving kit, sunscreen, deodorant, or a bundle of all four is sure to leave him with a smile on his face and feeling loved.

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