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Finding an Ideal Cosmetics Manufacturing Partner

Nov 6, 2020

If you’re a cosmetics or beauty company of any kind looking to link up with a new manufacturer, this is a process to take seriously. There are a variety of cosmetics manufacturers out there, but they will vary significantly in terms of overall quality, pricing, capabilities and several other factors, and making the right selections in these and other areas will play a big role in the final quality of your products.

At Dynamic Blending, we’re proud to offer the highest-quality cosmetic manufacturing services available, with capabilities ranging from body care and hair care products to skin care, oral care, essential oils and more. As you’re evaluating all your needs for manufacturing and looking to find the ideal partner, what are some of the basics you should know and simple areas you should be inquiring about as you canvass your options? Let’s take a look.

finding cosmetics manufacturing partner

Contract Manufacturing

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the two primary forms of cosmetic manufacturing generally available today. The first is known as contract manufacturing.

During a contract manufacturing setup, the client creates and owns their own formula and its related intellectual property. The client will come to our manufacturers with the formula and arrange for us to manufacture the products per the specifications listed within it – the buyer retains full control over this process at all times. There are situations where our manufacturers will also play a role in helping you manufacture your proprietary formula.

This format allows you major control, plus allows for you to switch manufacturers if needed. On the flip side, it’s also the more expensive of the two options and can take longer to bring products to market.

Private Label Manufacturing

Private label manufacturing, on the other hand, refers to a situation where clients use our stock formulas and bases for their cosmetic products. While we can certainly tweak these somewhat to meet your needs, our manufacturers retain control over the products, specs and IP involved.

This form of manufacturing is generally more affordable, plus allows for faster manufacturing and bringing products to market. At the same time, clients don’t have the same level of control or ownership of the product, and you may not be able to find the exact same product from another manufacturer.

Confirming Quality and Reputation

At Dynamic Blending, we’re proud to work in both contract and private label manufacturing formats for our clients, as do some other companies in the space. This is not the only factor you should be considering when selecting your manufacturer, however.

In addition, you must think about other relevant business reputation and quality variables. How long has the manufacturer been in business, and can they connect you to strong referrals? Are they compliant with the FDA, GMP and other governing bodies? What are their full range of manufacturing capabilities, and how high can they scale to meet your needs? These and others are important areas to investigate.

For more on areas to research while choosing a cosmetics manufacturer, or to learn about any of our cosmetic manufacturing or packaging services, speak to the staff at Dynamic Blending today.

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