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Cosmetics Launch Myths: Details and Full Lines

Dec 4, 2020

There are a wide range of cosmetic startups and new brands entering the market each year, and at Dynamic Blending, we’re proud to serve as a major asset for many of them. Through our private label and turnkey cosmetics manufacturing solutions, ranging from R&D all the way through manufacturing and fulfillment, we’ve helped numerous cosmetic brands and businesses get off the ground and begin showcasing their catalog to clients.

All projects that come into our facility are collaborative efforts between both our clients and several of our staff areas. We create turnkey cosmetics formulas based on your ideas, then send you samples and work with you to attain the final design before you roll out the product. On top of our design and manufacturing services, however, we’re also here to steer clients in the right direction in terms of several areas – including debunking some of the unfortunate myths that have cropped up over the years regarding launching your cosmetics brand. This two-part blog series will get straight to correcting this misinformation to ensure you have the right info.

cosmetics launch myths details

Myth #1: Every Detail Must be Finalized

There’s an understandable desire from many who are getting ready to launch their new brand or line to have every single duck in a row before launch day arrives. You want to be prepared, after all, but there’s often a tendency to go a bit overboard here.

It’s important to remember that when creating any brand, especially a cosmetics brand that will come with several different items, this is a long-term process. There are several steps involved, from formulating your basic products and rolling them out to engaging with customer reviews and concerns to upgrade and improve your products over time. If you try to rush elements of this, or if you’re too rigid in your initial planning and unwilling to adjust based on the market and how your clients feel about your products, you’re putting the brand at risk from the start.

Myth #2: The Line Must be Complete

Down similar lines, do not fall victim to the mistaken assumption that you must have a 100% completed product line before you launch. While it’s good to offer multiple initial products where possible, you do not have to delay the launch until you’ve completed all of these.

For items like makeup or skincare, we often recommend having two to three initial products ready for your launch, then adding more after. But for others, especially niche products where there isn’t as much variety to begin with, you can absolutely launch with just a single product as long as it serves a need.

For more on avoiding the pitfalls of launching a new cosmetics brand, or to learn about any of our custom cosmetics manufacturers and services, speak to the staff at Dynamic Blending today.

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