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Cosmetic Launch Marketing: Channels to Consider

Jan 1, 2021

At Dynamic Blending, we’re happy to offer numerous private label, turnkey cosmetics manufacturing services for our clients. Our turnkey solutions don’t end there, however – we’re also proud to provide add-on marketing services in addition to our R&D, design, manufacturing and fulfillment services.

If you’re looking to launch a new cosmetics line or brand, you’ll want to be considering several important marketing themes and marketing strategies – even before you’ve finalized your products and brought them to market. This two-part blog will begin by going over some of the top marketing channels to consider during the lead-up to your launch, then dig into some specific pre-launch marketing tactics we often recommend for clients.

cosmetic launch marketing channels

Social Media

Today’s social media realm is considered by many to be the single most effective form of marketing for many new brand or line types, and cosmetics are no exception. Through channels like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more, you can tease your audience with a wide variety of previews of your products and services.

These can be videos of product creation, images of product packaging, a preview of your logo or a variety of other areas. The goal is to give the audience just enough that they’re interested in learning more, but keeping them curious so they will return and purchase products once you’ve launched them.

Email Marketing

Another great way to build up the number of people who are informed of your launch is to improve your email marketing. If you don’t already have a detailed customer email list, now is the time to get started on one.

Email marketing is great for not only existing customers, but also drawing new ones. Satisfied clients will not only create more sales for themselves, but will forward emails on to others they know will benefit from your products.

Launch Events

This area is a bit tougher in present times due to the COVID-19 situation, but if you can do so safely, throwing an in-person launch event is a great way to draw eyeballs and inform the public of your new products. You can do a single event here, or you can do several over a period of time.

For the current period of time, many have transferred these ideas into virtual launch events.


For both social media and other areas of the industry, utilizing public influencers and affiliates is a valuable process. A huge percentage of consumers depend on recommendations from influencers to play a major role in what they purchase. There are several ways to connect with influencers through social media or other outlets, including finding the ideal influencer for your products.

For more on how to begin marketing cosmetics products ahead of your launch, or to learn about any of our custom cosmetics manufacturing or vendor services, speak to the staff at Dynamic Blending today.

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