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Cosmetic Launch Marketing: Timing, Anticipation and More

Jan 26, 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to begin marketing your new cosmetics brand or products ahead of your launch. Marketing is very important for any such products, ensuring that you have visibility and customers once you actually launch.

At Dynamic Blending, we’re happy to offer not only a variety of custom cosmetics manufacturing services, but also numerous other turnkey solutions including product marketing. From the kinds of marketing channels to use to when you should be ramping your efforts up close to launch, we’ve helped a variety of clients market and promote their cosmetics brands in ways that keep them viable. Here are several of the tactics we generally recommend when it comes to timing and how to craft your marketing in optimal ways.

cosmetic launch marketing timing

Launch Social Ahead of Time

We mentioned social media marketing in part one here, and it should be a major part of your efforts. One important tip here: Don’t wait until you’ve actually launched the product to create these channels. Do so well in advance.

In fact, especially for completely new brand lines, social media profiles will be set up anywhere from two to six months ahead of time. This gives you a ton of time to post updates and build a following, bringing your accounts to the point where they have robust support. From here, when the product actually launches, you can broadcast this to a far wider range of people.

Building Anticipation

One of the primary goals of social media posts and pre-launch marketing should be to build anticipation for what’s coming. The goal is to get your followers excited for the products they’re about to be exposed to.

There are several ways to do this effectively. One is to hold various giveaways or contests leading up to the launch date – you can give away free samples, free subscriptions and more. Many also will post a “countdown” to their launch on various social media platforms, keeping followers engaged in this manner. This will help you draw sales even before you launch.

Engagement Tactics

Another major goal of social media in this realm is to engage with prospective and actual customers. Channels like Twitter and Instagram make it very easy to connect directly with people – you can answer their questions about the brand, give them important product information, and more. You can also post questions or polls for customers regarding what they think of your products and what they’d like to see more or less of, helping you move forward optimally.

For more on how to begin marketing your cosmetics brand and products ahead of a launch, or to learn about any of our custom cosmetics manufacturing services, speak to the staff at Dynamic Blending today.

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