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Cosmetics Marketing Mistakes: Audience, Negativity and Diversity

Feb 5, 2021

At Dynamic Blending, it’s our pride to assist cosmetics companies and individuals with numerous areas of not only their product manufacturing, but also turnkey areas like product marketing, launch efforts, fulfillment and several others. Our business model includes numerous add-on marketing services in addition to our private label cosmetics manufacturing, helping you not only create wonderful products, but also market them and grow your business.

Marketing for a cosmetics brand involves several specific areas you should be considering – but also a few major mistakes that we’ve seen from others in the industry over the years, areas you should avoid at all costs. This two-part blog series will cover the most common cosmetics marketing errors we’ve noticed and why you should be looking out for them as you move toward launch or a new marketing campaign.

cosmetics marketing mistakes audience

No Audience

First and foremost, an area that may seem simple but often causes confusion is ensuring you have an audience in place when you launch. Do you have a specific plan for where you’ll sell the product and who your target demographics will be?

If not, you may want to take some more time before you launch. Before you even create products, you should be doing research on the kinds of clients you can expect to draw, whether it’s through past products you’ve released, competitor products on the market or other areas. Do not rush to launch until you’re sure your products and services will be received by a robust audience.

Negative Marketing

While you want to market your products in a way that presents them as a solution for problems or needs customers regularly have, it’s vital not to go too far here. Specifically, you can’t be too outright in telling people they have a problem – if prospective customers feel they’re being insulted or are focusing too much on their negative qualities, they may be turned off by your marketing.

Avoid using words like “ugly” or other major negatives, even if you’re describing solutions your product provides. Instead, look for positive terminology that will showcase all the benefits of your products.

Lack of Diversity

Another major marketing error to steer clear of is failing to include enough diversity in your campaign, or worse yet to suggest any sort of negative connotation involved with any ethnic group, even by accident. Take great care to ensure your messaging is inclusive and open, and does not exclude people based on race, gender, sexual orientation or any other area of diversity. In addition, if you utilize models or people for any visible role in your advertising, we strongly recommend promoting a diverse range of skin tones and ethnicities – both to be inclusive and to ensure you’re reaching as wide a range of prospective clients as possible.

For more on how to avoid common cosmetics marketing mistakes, or to learn about any of our private label product manufacturing services or other solutions, speak to the staff at Dynamic Blending today.

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