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Cosmetics Marketing Mistakes: Assumptions and Service

Feb 23, 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some common marketing mistakes made by those in the cosmetics product world. Whether you’re launching an entire line for the first time, introducing a new product or simply changing marketing tactics, avoiding certain red flag areas will help optimize your campaign in several ways.

At Dynamic Blending, we offer not only a huge range of cosmetics manufacturing services, from lip care to lotion, hair care, toothpaste and many other products, but also turnkey solutions like cosmetics marketing and several others to help your business launch and flourish. Here are some of the other most common mistakes we’ve seen marketers in the cosmetics world make in the past, plus how to avoid them and move in the proper direction.

cosmetics marketing mistakes service

Assuming Failure

For those who are still in the pre-launch phase, whether for their entire line of products or just a single new product, it’s important to remember that sales are not an instant part of your launch. The launch itself may come with a few immediate sales, especially if you do solid launch-day advertising, but the bulk of your sales will trickle in over time.

It’s important to give any new product or line at least three months following launch before you begin to worry about sales numbers, or even more in some cases. Do not give up or cancel your marketing efforts during this period of time even if it looks like things are moving slowly. Track your success and look for ways to refine your strategy, of course, but don’t take a lack of immediate success as evidence that you’re failing.

Unrealistic Expectations

Down similar lines, you may be looking at competitors in the market who have been active much longer than you and experiencing some FOMO. But always remember that at one point, those competitors were where you are now: Just starting out, looking for ways to make an imprint. While you can certainly use these competitors as examples of ways you want to grow your business, do not get stuck comparing yourself to them if you’re at a very different place in your marketing efforts and timelines.

Customer Service Issues

Finally, as your brand gains more popularity and a foothold in the market, it’s absolutely vital to maintain quality customer service. Clients who are not able to receive good service will absolutely judge your business, whether this is due to poor response times, rude customer service agents or any other concern. While much of your initial attention launching a brand obviously needs to be on your products, moving forward you must have strong customer service, or risk being left behind.

For more on how to avoid common marketing mistakes for any cosmetic product or brand, or to learn about any of our private label cosmetics manufacturing services, speak to the staff at Dynamic Blending today.

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