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Choosing Contract Manufacturing: Ownership, Experience, Cost

Mar 30, 2021

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on when and how to move your cosmetics formula over to a contract manufacturer. Whether you’re looking for increased manufacturing capability, help with R&D for related products, assistance with marketing or any other part of your product creation and launch, a contract manufacturer is your best bet.

At Dynamic Blending, we’re here to fill this role. We provide numerous turnkey contract manufacturing services across the cosmetics world, from innovation and R&D concepts to design, manufacturing, marketing and more. What are some of the other top themes we recommend you keep an eye on while moving your formula or brands over to our contract manufacturing services? Here are several in part two of our series.

contract manufacturing ownership cost

Ownership Themes

We touched briefly on formula and brand ownership in part one of our series, and it’s a vital theme worth revisiting here. Any beauty formula owner who brings a formula or brand to a contract manufacturer should maintain ownership at all times, and that’s exactly what happens at Dynamic Blending.

Now, it’s important to note that when you work with us, you do not own our lab or the manufacturing processes we work with you on. But unlike some of our competitors, who may not freely release product formula IP, we will never do this. You own your formula no matter what.


Once you’ve decided to work with a turnkey contract manufacturer for your cosmetic products, another broad area to look at is philosophy and experience of your partner. You want a lab that’s worked with your kinds of products before – for instance, if your formula is a hair care product, you don’t want to go to a manufacturer who only specializes in skin care.

At Dynamic Blending, we have this experience in numerous fields. From skin care and hair care to lip care, oral care and many other areas, we have extensive expertise designing, manufacturing and marketing numerous cosmetics.

Be Prepared

Finally, as you enter this world, be prepared for some additional expenses and related themes that simply come with the territory. If you need testing done to confirm the stability or preservation qualities of your product, for instance, this will come with a cost. There may be situations where you have to order a minimum quantity for an order, so be sure you have the proper funds available. And finally, be prepared for some time during the development and production stages, which may take a few weeks or months depending on the stage you’re already at with your product.

For more on working with a contract manufacturer for any of your cosmetics products, or to learn about any of our private label or contract services, speak to the staff at Dynamic Blending today.

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