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Cosmetics Brand Digital Marketing Themes to Consider

Apr 13, 2021

If you’re launching or looking to improve any cosmetics brand, marketing will be one of the single most important areas you consider. In particular, today’s marketing realm is often hugely focused on the digital areas of marketing, and the cosmetics world is no exception here.

At Dynamic Blending, not only do we offer quality services in terms of contract manufacturing for any of your cosmetic products, we also offer turnkey solutions that include everything from R&D to cosmetic product marketing for a variety of clients. We’ve assisted numerous clients with maximizing their digital marketing reach, whether they’re just starting a new cosmetics brand or looking to improve their current company. Here are some of the top areas we recommend keeping a close eye on while formulating your cosmetics brand’s digital marketing approach.

cosmetics brand digital marketing

Brand Advocacy

A huge target audience of any cosmetics brand will be millennials, particularly within the digital sphere, and one of the primary goals here is to create a marketing program that leverages these individuals’ desire to connect directly with brands. Elements like social media have made it far easier for these kinds of connections to take place – to the point where this is now expected in a realm like cosmetics.

As a marketer, this means identifying your brand voice and focus, and sticking to these throughout. The main goal is to retain customers and build up their connection to your brand, and there are numerous ways you can do this: Special promotions, members-only offers, collaborations with experts in the beauty field, and many others. The more you can do to make your brand resonate with users, the better.

Press Page

We’ll go over a couple particular page types you should have on your company website now, and the first of these is a press page. To be clear, this isn’t a page only for media, though they’re included; it’s also to include all the information your customers might need to find out about you.

For instance, your press page should contain all recent company news and brand mentions you’ve gained. If your products have recently been reviewed by a third party, post the results to your press page. If you win awards, post those too. Many will also build a robust blog content section that connects to the press page or is linked from it.

For media specifically, you might consider keeping a folder with company assets on this page. This will contain your logo, graphics, product photos and more, allowing media easy access if they’re reviewing your products or writing stories about your company.


Another important element, whether on its own page or as part of your press page, is testimonials from happy clients. These are some of the most powerful influences available to potential customers in the future, and making them readily available on your site is very important. Any positive testimonial directly from a client should be added, along with the product they purchased.

Content Marketing

Another vital theme to hit hard during your digital marketing is content, which is hugely important for brand promotion and attracting in new audiences. Both through blog content and general page content, your goal should always be to showcase information and help people learn about your business, all while attracting quality placement from Google algorithms and related themes.

Here are some of the top content marketing themes you should be considering:

  • Subscriber list: Build a subscriber list, and draw in members by sending out special promotions and content geared directly to them.
  • Surveys and feedback: Whenever possible, look for ways to involve your dedicated clients. Send them surveys on recent purchases, for instance, or send out regular interactive content like quizzes for all your clients to take. Not only do these keep visitors engaged, they allow you to collect important information and adapt your strategy based on it.
  • Tutorials: Various tutorials, how-to sessions and related themes are excellent for engaging with your clients, especially in a field like cosmetics where they’re so often needed.
  • Broadcasting: Use modern video capability to broadcast video via social media and other methods. You might even reach out to influencers or others in the industry and cross-promote by interviewing them on a video broadcast.


Speaking of collaborations, there are several ways a cosmetics brand can link up with other brands for symbiotic benefits. For instance, think about the variety of spas in your city – every single one of them utilizes cosmetic products regularly. Why not reach out and look to build a partnership using your products, opening up great additional business avenues for both companies? This theme is applicable across several other company or brand types, with hotels another common choice.

Other Themes

A few other basic themes to keep in mind here:

  • Influencers and micro-influencers: We mentioned these above, and they’re very important for cosmetics brands. Customers want to hear from “real” people when they consider a brand, and they often listen to influencers here. Analyze influencers and micro-influencers in your industry and consider pairing with them.
  • Back-end items: It’s also important to consider themes like SEO as you build your site, as Google’s algorithms play a huge role in organic traffic. In some cases, you may want to bring in an SEO specialist.
  • Personal branding: In the cosmetics world especially, clients respond to personal branding. Share your personal challenges and successes, plans for the future and more – this will help you build a reputation as an authority in the industry who is honest and transparent.

For more on how to properly arrange digital marketing for your cosmetics brand, or to learn about any of our private label manufacturing services, speak to the staff at Dynamic Blending today.

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