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Back to Basics for Skin Care in 2022

Dec 27, 2021

It’s already December, and that means skin-care companies are finalizing plans for next year. As our lives continue to be defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers’ ideas of what’s important continue to evolve, and Dynamic Blending are responding.

We’re expecting a focus on simple, gentle, restorative treatments and routines in the new year. Quality over quantity. Remember what matters most, and tailor skincare to those priorities.

Read on for our top five 2022 skin-care predictions.

Gentle, skin-barrier-supporting products

Simple and gentle go hand-in-hand in the 2022 skin-care forecast. Out with harsh, aggressive treatments; in with gentler, more natural products. Less peeling and harsh exfoliation; more skin-barrier nourishment, with ingredients like ceramides taking center stage in formulations and on labels.

Consumer demand for plant-based ingredients goes along with this trend, as plant-based ingredients are commonly perceived to be gentler. (Not always true, but something for Skin Care Creators to keep in mind!)

Stress reduction and self-care

Good skin starts within. Hydration, stress control, plenty of sleep—they’re necessary, and what’s more, they’re important for your complexion.

  • Stress may make conditions like acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis worse, damage the skin barrier, slow wound healing, cause long-term damage, and hasten aging.
  • Although drinking a lot of water hasn’t been conclusively shown to help skin specifically, it’s important for general health, and there are other measures you can take to keep the skin from drying out: moisturizing, using gentle cleansers, and limiting hot water contact, for example.
  • Sleep is crucial. It helps reduce those stress hormones that damage skin, and it promotes repair. So rest up!


The past couple of years have been one long lesson to us in what really matters. Amid the constant stress of the outside world, we’ve been Marie Kondo-ing our lives, disregarding that which does not spark joy and focusing on the things that work for us.

This move toward simplicity is also gaining steam in the skincare world. Lots of people are identifying which products and routine elements aren’t worth the expense or the effort, leaving them behind, and focusing on fundamentals.

Dewy skin

As Refinery29’s 2022 trend outlook points out, social-media viewers and beauty mavens alike are seeing lots and lots of dewy skin. And not just regular dewy skin: the trend is for supremely glowy, freshly misted, and radiant.

Skin-care takes the lead, and makeup lines are also catering to public demand. Expect to see a wave of bronzers, blushers, powders, tints, and other products that promote this healthy, lively look.

Blue light protection

Experts and consumers have started paying more attention to the negative effect of blue light from digital screens. Specifically, it seems to contribute to skin damage, including discoloration and cell death.

To help skincare users fight this, a new breed of SPF products is entering the market. Mists, creams, and other products are being developed to protect against HEV (high-energy visible) light, a technical name for the blue wavelengths that can cause damage.

For many of us, in our work and social lives, screens are here to stay. Expect more products aiming to help combat this apparent side effect.

What do you think?

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