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Q&A: Custom Fragrance Manufacturers and the indie fragrance market

Oct 31, 2022

custom fragrance market and custom fragrance manufacturer bottling

Dynamic Blending Co-Founders on What is Happening in the Indie Fragrance Market Today


Cosmetics Design


October 26, 2022

Synopsis: Gavin and Jordan teamed up for some Q&A to tell people what it’s like to be a custom fragrance manufacturer and share their thoughts on the future of the fragrance market. Conducted and published by the folks over at Cosmetic Design, they discuss branding and marketing trends, what a sustainable future might entail, and guidelines for beauty professionals to find success with their up-and-coming perfume and cologne lines. Take a deep dive into the inner workings of a custom fragrance manufacturer: Dynamic Blending!

“The fragrance market was projected to be worth over $30 billion globally in 2021, and more small perfume and cologne brands are entering the fray every day…”

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