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Forbes Magazine: 3 Focus Areas To Help Protect Your Cosmetics Brand Legally

Nov 8, 2022

3 Focus Areas To Help Protect Your Cosmetics Brand Legally


Forbes Magazine


November 1, 2022

Synopsis: Dynamic Blending’s co-founder and principal, Gavin Collier, provides insight into recent cosmetics brand lawsuits and how other cosmetic companies can avoid similar pitfalls in their product push to market.

“A couple of months ago, celebrity and influencer Kim Kardashian was served with a trademark infringement lawsuit over the use of the name SKKN by Kim. A small New York esthetician studio claims it’s been selling services under a similar brand name—SKKN+—since 2018. However, Kardashian’s team had no way of knowing that a single retail shop was using a similar name because SKKN+ hadn’t filed a trademark yet. (It didn’t even have a website.)

SKKN isn’t the only cosmetics brand dealing with lawsuits in recent months. L’Oreal, Target and Bare Minerals are all battling class action suits with claims surrounding the ingredients they use, like isopropyl cloprostenate and polyfluoroalkyl substances. While some of the chemicals consumers worry about are harmless, if brands fail to disclose ingredients in their products or packaging, they can be held liable for fraud…”

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