Adding an Anti-Aging Product to Your Skin Care Line

At Dynamic Blending, our turnkey private label cosmetics services cover the full range of need areas you may have as the owner of such a business. From R&D themes to brand design, manufacturing, marketing and long-term fulfillment needs, our experts in the...

anti-aging product skin care

Cosmetics Brand Digital Marketing Themes to Consider

If you’re launching or looking to improve any cosmetics brand, marketing will be one of the single most important areas you consider. In particular, today’s marketing realm is often hugely focused on the digital areas of marketing, and the cosmetics world is no...

cosmetics brand digital marketing

Choosing Contract Manufacturing: Ownership, Experience, Cost

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics on when and how to move your cosmetics formula over to a contract manufacturer. Whether you're looking for increased manufacturing capability, help with R&D for related products,...

contract manufacturing ownership cost

Choosing Contract Manufacturing: Timing and Formula

For those who have developed a cosmetics product or formula that's beginning to show success and grow in sales, there often comes an important crux point: When to consider outsourcing manufacturing. However, if you're considering going this route, you need to be...

contract manufacturing timing formula

Cosmetics Marketing Mistakes: Assumptions and Service

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some common marketing mistakes made by those in the cosmetics product world. Whether you’re launching an entire line for the first time, introducing a new product or simply changing marketing tactics, avoiding...

cosmetics marketing mistakes service

Cosmetics Marketing Mistakes: Audience, Negativity and Diversity

At Dynamic Blending, it’s our pride to assist cosmetics companies and individuals with numerous areas of not only their product manufacturing, but also turnkey areas like product marketing, launch efforts, fulfillment and several others. Our business model includes...

cosmetics marketing mistakes audience

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