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Dynamic Blending has services you can add-on to help design the look of your brand before it gets to manufacturing. Part of creating a unique product is having its look reflect your ideal image. The graphic design team we have onsite helps design brands every day and thrives off of your ideas and feedback.

Branding is an important part of every company’s identity, especially private label cosmetics. Not all contract manufacturers assist with branding for clients, but Dynamic Blending’s designers have years of experience helping our clients create and refine their brand. We use our expertise to help you succeed.

Logo Design

Designing the icon for your company’s identification and early life is essential to a business. Partnering with our design team can help get your abstract ideas conveyed into beautiful shapes and colors.

Package Design

Your packaging can be anything from a label on a bottle to a foil-stamped box, and either way it’ll be what you want to present to your customers. However, our team’s knowledge and experience can help you know what you can and can’t say, hierarchy, font combining, and printing specifications.

As private label manufacturers with an in-house design team, Dynamic Blending is well-versed in working with clients to create attractive packaging according to specifications. Is your brand fun? Sophisticated? Sporty? We bring your ideas to life, converting them into a three-dimensional representation of your concept. You’ll love watching the process of how your private label cosmetics’ package design evolves from the first brainstorming session to the final product. The last step in the design process is the first step toward getting your cosmetics line on the market.

Our team is proficient in the Adobe Suite.

"Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well."

– Ann Handley

Marketing Assistance

Our marketing team offers packages to help build assets for your marketing needs. 

We offer services to help promote your private label cosmetics line and grow your business. To give our clients the best chance at success, we provide a wide range of digital marketing services. Your products won’t sell themselves, and in today’s fast-paced world, competition is fierce. Use our marketing services to get to the head of the pack — and stay there.


Product Photography

Product Photography

Help people visualize your product in their lives by showing them a photo. 




Taking visuals up a notch with motion pictures can elevate your way of advertising and the lifestyle behind your product.


Web Design

Web Design

Our creative team can help build & design a website that will turn heads.


Social Media

Social Media

Provide content and analytic help in improving social media reach and engagement.




Provide a list of keywords to drive traffic to your site.




Assistance in writing captions, blogs for website traffic, etc…

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