Enhance your confidence


Enhance your confidence


Enhance your confidence


Enhance your confidence

One Color + Solid Pattern

This is simple, clean, and modern, but ads adds some fun personali-ty to your packaging. We could create some sort of floral pattern that is used across all products then we can find a way to differ-entiate flavor (such as color or other types of labeling). This could potenitally be fairly time consuming meaning more cost.

Line Illustration + Solid Shapes

This is more fun than elegant but can still be really clean and simple. We could set up an illus-tration that is centered on the package, or make this style part of your logo that is large and centered on your package. Depending on what we are illus-trating (one image or a pattern) this potenitally could be time consuming meaning more cost.

Flat Illustration

This style will be easy to print if you don’t end up doing digital printing. It will be especially easy to edit across the line if you do more of the “ollipop” route where instead of a pattern you have a central image on a back-ground with fun type. If you do that it also will be much less time consuming which means saved money for you.

Modern + Abstract Shapes

This is really popular right now, creating scenes or objects with simple abstract shapes. Its clean and simple but still provides some personality to your product.