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The key to success with your brand lies in graphic design. We’ve assembled a team of experts who will make sure you stand out in a saturated market. They’re ready to help you develop the right look for showcasing your products.

We’ve included three crucial questions below for you to think about. Answering these questions will guide you in picking out the perfect packaging options. Your choice for packaging will match both your brand and the persona that you’d like to market to.

What Product Are You Selling?

Though the question may seem a little rudimentary, it’s an important one! What are you selling? This question will help you decide if there are any logistical musts for your packaging.

The design for your product entirely depends on what you are selling. For example, a delicate product will need more secure packaging to prevent cracks leaks, etc, while a more robust product may not.

Who's Buying the Product?

Your product’s packaging should appeal to its ideal consumer. It’s important to identify who that consumer is before you start the design process. Products for older adults may need larger text. Items geared to an affluent customer will need materials that create a feeling of luxury.

How are people buying the product?

You’re going to want to think differently about packaging depending on how you’ll be selling it. For example, items sold online shouldn’t have excess space. This could cause the product to rattle around or the package to bend. Conversely, products on a boutique shelf will need to catch the eye of a buyer with elegant and unique designs.

Logo Design

You need a logo that you will be proud to show off. Your visual identity is the same as a first impression, so getting it right the first time is crucial. Our design team has experience in building designs that will hold up against the test of time. We’ll help you create a brand that speaks to your audience. Whether you’re starting out or looking for a complete redesign, our team is here to assist you. With your help, we can build a brand that will wow your audience.

Label & Packaging Design

Our labels and packaging will give your products the best chance out in the market. We will design to your exact specs, providing you with digital proofs along the way.

Product Package Design

All good packaging tells a story. It’s an experience that engages our senses through sight, touch, and in special cases, smell or taste. These details help us interpret what the product is for, who should use it and most important: if we should buy a product or not.

There are three main components to product packaging. These are outer packaging, inner packaging and product packaging. Each one of these layers of packaging allows you to tell a part of your story. Click on the drop-down options below to learn more about each of these product packaging aspects.

Outer Packaging

This is the first thing a customer will see. It’s what protects your product from the elements. This could include the box that the product ships in or the shopping bag the item is placed in at the store.

Inner Packaging

This is what keeps your product safe & secure in the outer packaging or product packaging. Bubble wrap, tissue paper, or cutout will stop something from scuffing or jostling. Also, airtight seals will keep your product safe and fresh.

Product Packaging

This is the product box, the bottle with a label or shrink wrap, or the bag/packet it comes in. Most people think of this when they think of packaging.

Digital Product Rendering

Digital renderings are quick and cost-effective. They’ll produce images you need to display your product online or in advertising. These mockups will create uniformity in your visual branding and will look fantastic!

Other Design Services

We’re dedicated to meeting each of your design needs – it’s our goal to be your one-stop shop. If there is a service not listed yet, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can help. We strive to bring you our valued customers only the best our team has to offer. 

Know What to Expect

There are many things to consider when designing your brand. Keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better. Paying a little bit more for your materials will make you stand out from the competition. This could up your presentation and selling price.

Per-item costs

These are generally for materials and labor. Each box will cost a certain amount, as will the tissue paper you stuff it with and the tape you use to seal it. You either have to pay someone to put your product into the box or do it yourself.


If you have CMYK values, or Pantone Matching Values (PMS) colors include those. They’re used for printing. If you don’t, a hex code is fine too.

One-time costs

This includes paying for the design work, purchasing a stamp (if you’re going the DIY route), and print plate setup for large, offset print runs. You pay for these up front, and usually only once unless you change your design.

Likes & dislikes

It’s a good idea to do some style research before you start the design process. Start collecting packaging that you like! Snap photos when you’re at the store, or create a Pinterest board.

Images & Marks

Want to put photos on your packaging? You’ll need to have those ready to go before starting. Your product/industry could require you to have a barcode, nutrition information, and association marks. We can help you with most of these items.


This can include the name of your product, a description, or words enticing someone to buy.

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