Hair Care Product Manufacturing

If you’re searching for a hair product manufacturer to help you develop and produce your own private label hair products, Dynamic Blending expertly delivers these services and so many more.

The global haircare market is currently about $100 billion. Hair is an essential component of beauty, and both women and men spend hundreds annually to maintain and improve the look and feel of their hair. 

The market is ripe for an alternative to offerings commonly found in drug stores and other retail outlets. How hair looks is critically important, and customers are looking for more options for private label hair products.

Private Label Hair Products Manufacturers

Whether you have a well-thought-out idea in mind or you need assistance with innovation, our private label hair products manufacturers can help. We provide assistance to startups as well as to entrepreneurs who have been in business for many years. 

Whether you’re trying to break into the business of providing private label hair products, you want to expand your offerings or you want to make adjustments to the formula you have been using, Dynamic Blending is here for you. We offer not just hair product manufacturing services but also help with research and development, marketing, fulfillment, and more.

Our experience speaks for us: We have won numerous industry awards as hair product manufacturers and we are certified to produce organic and halal products.


Types of Private Label Hair Products

The U.S. is a prime market for hair products, partly because of the frequency with which Americans wash their hair — often daily or even more than once daily. The workout culture adds to the frequent shampooing, and this can lead to drying, so conditioning becomes an essential step as well.

Many consumers prefer using a line of private label hair products because they put trust in products that are designed to work in tandem.

As hair product manufacturers that also provide R&D and marketing services, we know that shampoo doesn’t need to lather to work — but consumers like it better if it does. Shampooing is not merely cleaning the hair; it’s a soothing, relaxing, enjoyable experience. That’s why even though fragrance is not an essential ingredient, it’s often key in what keeps consumers loyal to a particular private label hair products line.

Conditioning is also considered an essential step in hair care because it adds back in the essential oils that shampoo strips away, leaving hair soft and lustrous. Conditioners can be leave-in or rinse-out and can be specially formulated for certain hair types. Deep conditioners and hot oil treatments further work to repair hair damaged by sun, coloring, chlorine and other harmful effects.

Partners in Hair Product Manufacturing

Dynamic Blending’s innovation team can work with you to develop your own, proprietary formula for your private label hair products. We’re skilled manufacturers, but we also help with practical concerns such as designing eye-catching packaging, building social media campaigns and fulfilling order requests.

If you want to work with a private label hair products manufacturer that does it all, make an appointment to meet with the expert team at Dynamic Blending.

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