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Lip Gloss, Lipstick, & Lip Balm Manufacturing

Dynamic Blending is one of the top national contract manufacturers for private label lip gloss and lip care products, providing a full slate of services to small and large companies as well as independent entrepreneurs across a variety of industries.

The global lip care market has reached $800 million this year and it’s expected to just keep growing. From Marilyn Monroe to Angelina Jolie and all the Kardashians, lips have been and continue to be a defining beauty characteristic and as such, a reliably marketable product. 

While a segment of the consumer population will turn to retail outlets and drug stores for their lip care products, the market is definitely ripe for private label lip gloss.

Private Label Lip Gloss

Dynamic Blending is a contract manufacturer for private label cosmetics, but we offer more than production services. Our clients include startups, budding entrepreneurs, established businesses, and more, and that’s why we provide a slate of services clients can pick and choose from. These include help with innovation, research, and development, marketing, fulfillment, and more.

Our clients trust our skills and experience, not just because of our reputation in the industry as a top private label manufacturer, but also because of the awards we’ve won over the years and our stable of satisfied customers. 

We’re also certified to produce organic and halal products.


Types of Private Label Lip Gloss

At its most basic, lip gloss is intended to add a shine to lips, making them appear moist and healthy. This can be accomplished by combining a variety of different products including oils, emollients, lanolins and more. And while all private label cosmetics must conform to health and safety standards, this is even more true for lip care products, as they are, by nature of their use, partially ingested. This is why it’s critical to work with a private label lip gloss contract manufacturer you trust.

Beyond adding shine, lip glosses can also provide other benefits. Lip care products often provide SPF protection, for instance, and some are made with ingredients designed to plump up lips to make them look fuller. 

Dynamic Blending consults with all its private label lip gloss clients about options and combinations for lip care products.


Lip Gloss Packaging

A feature of Dynamic Blending that our clients love is that they can pick and choose among our services. New businesses might need help with their website while established companies may only want manufacturing and fulfillment services.

One of our services that’s in high demand is lip gloss packaging. We can either take your design and create your suite of packaging products, or we can work with you to create your lip gloss packaging design from scratch.

Because some simple lip glosses are easy for home chemists to create in small batches, we also offer empty lip gloss tube manufacturing services, as well as custom lip gloss labels.


Partners in Custom Lip Gloss Manufacturing

When you want a full-service private label lip gloss contract manufacturer, collaborate with the experienced team at Dynamic Blending. Whether you are looking to created tinted or flavored lip gloss, lip gloss with glitter or shimmer, or gloss with a matte finish, we’re the partner that can help you make it happen.


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