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Under One Roof

After you have a formula, regardless of where it came from, it has to be manufactured by a facility. All manufacturing and other processes we do are done within the same facility. When everything is done under one roof, our chemists from research and development can communicate directly with our production team to ensure that what you get from the lab is what your customers will get in a bottle.

Low Minimum Quantity Orders

Aside from having your product completed in one place, we offer low MOQ’s and competitive pricing, making it easier for companies to get started in a competitive market.

Manufacturing Process

The best part of working with a contract manufacturer is that the manufacturing process is entirely in their hands. Our clients have ideas, visions, expectations, and we fulfill them and make them a reality. 

Dynamic Blending’s cosmetic manufacturers have years of experience mixing ingredients. We can do it entirely to our clients’ specifications, or we can brainstorm with them to get a clear picture of what they envision, then work to create it. The techs in our cosmetic lab love their work and enjoy the process of adjusting and tweaking ingredients until they achieve the perfect result.

Some of our clients have already developed their own formulas and turn to the private label manufacturers at Dynamic Blending for our other services. While the formula is arguably the most important part of your private label cosmetics line, other meaningful considerations include the type and style of container for each product as well as branding and labeling. Dynamic Blending provides all these services and more.



Our first step is to mix up your custom formulation.



Then we fill your bottles up with your finished formulation.



The next step is to package and apply labels to your products.

Quality Check

Quality Check

Finally our Quality team will review and test your products to make sure they meet FDA standards.

Quality Manufacturing

At our cosmetic manufacturing facility, we use only the best ingredients in all the products we create for our clients. We develop, produce and market top-of-the-line private label cosmetics, always adhering to the strictest hygienic standards in our facilities. We undergo regular inspections for quality control to ensure we maintain excellence throughout our processes and procedures. We are approved to produce organic and halal cosmetics, and we are ISO certified as well. Our clients know that among private label manufacturers, Dynamic Blending can be counted on to provide the quality you can trust.

USDA Organic

To be USDA Organic certified a manufacturer needs to adopt organic practices. It also means that when a client chooses to make their products organic, we will be the experts that can guide them.


The NSF is dedicated to protecting and improving global human health since 1944. They make sure that all certified products have been rigorously tested to comply with standard requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

ISO, which stands for the International Organization for Standardization, make certain that customers get consistent, good quality products and services. They do this by auditing manufacturing practices to protect the client’s product and ensure conformity.

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