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Oral Care Manufacturing

If you’re looking to expand or break into dental products manufacturing, partner with the best contract manufacturer for cosmetics, skin care, hair care, toothpaste and more: Dynamic Blending.

The oral care market in the U.S. right now is hovering at around $28 billion. Americans are dedicated to their oral care routines to protect and improve their beautiful white smiles. If you need proof, consider that braces cost between $5,000 and $10,000 on average and millions of Americans undergo this tooth-straightening regimen as a rite of passage.

Many consumers turn to drug stores, retail outlets or grocery chains to purchase their dental products, but the ones who have deeply invested in their smiles are looking for private label oral care options.

Private Label Toothpaste Manufacturers

While oral care is comprised of many parts — cleaning teeth, flossing, fluoride treatments, and more — the most popular product is overwhelmingly toothpaste. To get started with your own oral care line, choose Dynamic Blending as your private label toothpaste manufacturer.

We work with budding entrepreneurs who are just getting started in the private label oral care sector as well as established businesses looking to expand their offerings of dental products. Whether your business is beauty, health, wellness, or another niche, dental care products can help your company grow.

Dynamic Blending offers not only dental product manufacturing services, but also help with innovation, package design, marketing, distribution, and more. Clients work with us because we allow them to choose from the services they need. They put their trust in us because they know we have won many awards for our work and because we are certified to produce organic and halal products.

Types of Oral Care Products

When you are considering what to include in your private label dental products line, the first and most important consideration is toothpaste. Consumers trust that the toothpaste they use has the right ingredients to properly remove plaque and bacteria from their teeth, so they often base their decisions about what to buy on other factors.

These can include myriad features of the toothpaste, such as if it includes whitening or desensitizing properties or the flavor or texture of the product. Working with you to refine the seemingly endless variety of combinations that cater to consumers’ desires is what we do best as your toothpaste manufacturing partner.

We also offer private label mouthwash manufacturing services.

Partners in Dental Product Manufacturing

Dynamic Blending has positioned itself as the premier private label manufacturer of skin, hair and oral care products. We’re licensed, experienced and provide top-notch services not just in the cosmetic lab, but also at the design board and in the delivery space. 

As dental products manufacturers in the USA, we’re a top choice because our clients trust our integrity and they value the contributions of each member of our skilled team. Our job is to help you succeed in your business venture.

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