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OTC Product Manufacturing

If you’re looking to expand or break into the Over-The-Counter (OTC) drug market, partner with a trusted contract manufacturer specializing in liquids, creams, powders, and oral care products. Our expertise spans cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and more, making us the perfect choice for your manufacturing needs..

Comprehensive OTC Manufacturing Solutions

With the OTC market experiencing consistent growth, we provide tailored manufacturing solutions to help you capitalize on this expanding industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team ensure top-notch production quality, whether you’re launching a new product line or enhancing existing offerings.

Liquids, Creams, Powders, and Gels/Pastes

We specialize in the production of various OTC products, including:


  • Liquids: From medicinal syrups to cosmetic serums, our liquid production capabilities are designed to meet diverse market needs.
  • Creams: Whether it’s therapeutic ointments or moisturizing lotions, we manufacture high-quality creams with precision and care.
  • Powders: Our expertise extends to the production of medicinal and cosmetic powders, ensuring consistency and efficacy.
  • Gels/Pastes: We produce a wide range of toothpaste formulations, including whitening, desensitizing, and fluoride treatments, tailored to meet consumer preferences and regulatory standards.

Guiding You Every Step of the Way

Navigating the OTC manufacturing process can be complex, but we’re here to make it seamless for you. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Product Development: We work closely with you to develop innovative formulations that meet market demands and comply with industry standards.
  • Regulatory Guidance: Our team ensures your products comply with relevant regulations, including FDA guidelines for OTC products.
  • Production: Utilizing advanced technology, we produce high-quality OTC products efficiently and reliably.
  • Packaging and Design: Our design experts help create appealing and functional packaging that meets regulatory requirements and consumer preferences.

Customized Services to Meet Your Needs

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer flexible service options, allowing you to choose the level of support you need. Whether you require end-to-end manufacturing solutions or specific services like product development or packaging, we’re here to assist.

Ready to Create Your Own OTC Line

Body Care

Hair Care

Skin Care

Lip Care

Essential Oil

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