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Our goal is to provide you experts in all areas

Here at Dynamic, we work on cultivating new partners and services so we can provide to our customers with valuable resources to help you get to get to the next level in your projects.

Brand Consulting

We’ve partnered with 4 key industry brand consulting firms. Each one of these firms brings unmatched experience in all areas of brand building. These firms have worked for the largest names in the beauty industry. They know a thing or two about branding!
For all interested clients, we will start a call with the brand consultant of your choice. This will be a key part of “igniting” your brand!

Amazon® Selling Help

Amazon sells over $150 million per business quarter in the skincare category alone. This doesn’t reflect hair care, oral care, and other popular personal care categories.
We are an affiliate for an amazing service called Viral Launch. Viral Launch gives your brand the tools to compete and launch a successful product on Amazon. By doing this, we have a custom promo code for our clients to save 20% off Viral Launch services. Ask us for more details about how Viral Launch can help your brand on Amazon. This is huge for any brand looking to sell on Amazon!

Custom Packaging

Dynamic Blending can help source you the perfect packaging for any of your projects. We work with a number of trusted manufacturers both in the USA and around the world. If we for some reason can’t find that perfect fit, there is always the option to custom create new packaging to fit your branding and meet your expectations.

Some Things to Consider When Brainstorming Your Product

What are things to consider during the creative process leading up to receiving your quote? Are you looking to have an organic product? What sort of hero (important) ingredients are you looking to have in the product? Are there ingredients that you do not want to have in the product? What other certifications do you need?

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