Research & Development

Research & Development

Custom Formulas

Don’t Settle For Private Label

We have created thousands of amazing formulas from scratch. Our R&D team can reverse-engineer, and improve existing formulas. They can also develop formulas worthy of patents. The R&D team at Dynamic Blending has a wide range of formulation experience. 

Green Chemistry

Pure & Simple Formulations

We are passionate about natural and organic formulations. The market is changing to a cleaner, natural landscape. Our R&D team works to find new green formulas that are acceptable by USDA, EWG, Whole Foods, NSF ANSI 305 and more. We are researching safe and natural preservative options for our clients. Because of our active market research, we can tailor your formula to be as organic and natural as you want.

R&D Consulting

We Offer Technical Consulting

Our R&D team consults on a wide range of projects. We can consult on technical chemistry projects, and drug development. We’ll help with analytical testing, patent documentation for chemical products, and more. We can bill these R&D consultation projects either at our hourly rate or a retainer to start.

Do You Need Analytical Testing?

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