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We’re here to elevate your experience in contract manufacturing. Each step in our turnkey process is carefully planned and coordinated. We ensure you finish the manufacturing experience with a fantastic product and a brand that you love.

Conceptualizing Your Project Scope

The first step in our process is having an idea for your formula. We know starting out is a daunting task. That’s why we give you access to our full team here at Dynamic Blending! We help synthesize your ideas into a concrete game plan.

What are things to consider during the creative process leading up to receiving your quote? Are you looking to have an organic product? What sort of hero (important) ingredients are you looking to have in the product? Are there ingredients that you do not want to have in the product? What other certifications do you need?

The sky’s the limit! We currently source high-quality ingredients all over the world. If you have a hero ingredient that’s a must-have, chances are we can source for you. We’ve grown as a company to offer the following certifications for your products:

  • Vegan Certification
  • Cruelty-Free Certification
  • PETA Beauty Certification
  • NSF Certification
  • USDA Organic Certification
  • And more!

Research & Development

The next step is R&D. We have created thousands of amazing formulas from scratch. Our R&D team can also reverse-engineer and improve existing formulas! The R&D team at Dynamic Blending has a wide range of formulation experience.

In addition, we can formulate natural and organic products to your specifications. Our R&D team works to find new green formulas that are acceptable by USDA, EWG, Whole Foods, NSF ANSI 305 and more. We are researching safe and natural preservative options for our clients. Because of our active market research, we can tailor your formula to be as organic and natural as you want.

Brand Design

Brand design can often times get swept under the rug when working with other contract manufacturers. With us, you’ll have a full team of expert graphic designers and marketers to assist you with telling your story in the best way possible, without having to spend a fortune on an outside agency. Our graphic design team can offer things like:


  • Logo Design
  • Web Graphics
  • Package Artwork


  • Mockups
  • Label Design
  • And More!


 Trusting your products to anyone else but the pros can be quite risky. Our manufacturing facility follows cGMP guidelines, has a quality system that protects you, and has the best equipment to successfully create your dream product. Our manufacturing lines are modular and flexible, which means you won’t be forced into unreasonable minimum order quantities, one type of product, and high lead times.

Our goal as your manufacturer is to ensure your products are safe, effective, and high-quality. We’re not hiding anything either; if you’d like to come to tour our facility, we’d love to have you! Reach out to one of our Sales Executives to set up a tour with your next manufacturer today!


Finding packaging for your project can be an arduous task. Our full Turnkey solution’s goal is to free up more of your time to dive into your company, develop your business, and do what you’re good at as an entrepreneur. That’s why our purchasing team is here at your disposal. Let our expert procurement managers find the perfect packaging for you, work with our dedicated reps to receive it at our facility, and provide you with a finished product. Whenever a project leaves our facility, our team makes sure that it’s market-ready– all you have to do is sell your products your way.


Are you having a hard time finding the right fulfillment company for you? Dynamic Blending offers in-house fulfillment options to take care of all of your shipping needs. Having our fulfillment center, Launch Fulfillment, in-house eliminates the need to ship finished goods to an outside distributor and cuts down your potential drop-shipping lead times! Click on the learn more button to get in touch with Launch Fulfillment and receive a quote today!

Our team will take your concept for a product, formulate it, design it, manufacture it, package it, and ship it. Is it starting to make sense now? We know how overwhelming this industry can be so that’s where we come in. We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business. Our team works around the clock trying to find the most practical solution for you and your product.

Click on each of the steps below to learn more!

1. Concept (The Idea)

We want to bring your idea to life! First, we collaborate with you and your team to develop a project scope. Once we have a clear project scope we can quote you and establish a time-line.

2. Research & Development

In the R&D phase, our cosmetic chemists start formulating your product/s. Typical lead time for R&D is 30-60 days, but this is only an estimate. Our team works around the clock to keep the project moving forward.

3. Manufacturing

We’ll blend and manufacture your product according to approved specifications and procedures. We use the finest raw materials in your products that blend in our large scale mixing equipment.

4. Packaging

We will fill and package your products into your approved packaging. If you need help finding packaging, no problem, we can help! We do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on other areas of your business.

5. Fulfillment

When your products are complete, you will have a market ready product. We can arrange shipping or work with your freight company. We can even help set you up with a fulfillment center if needed. Our own fulfillment business is coming soon! Stay tuned for updates.

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